A vision of Excellence

The mission of Embassair’s founders is to eliminate all concerns for travelers, making flying an enjoyable experience. With meticulous, best-in-class concierge services and modern architectural designs, our FBOs will provide High Net Worth Individuals the finest door-to-door service for both business and leisure travel. 

Designed by world-famous architect Jacques Rougerie, GATE301 is at the cutting-edge of technology. The terminal featuring a unique design and high security measures and guarantees the utmost standards of excellence, safety and confidentiality. 

A diverse Expertise

Embassair brings together experts with decades of successful experiences in their respective fields. Embassair’s founders are leaders of globally renowned companies in the field of luxury, aviation, digital and management. 

Jean-Michel Aulas’s leadership capabilities, Michel Reybier’s vision of excellence, Franklin Devaux’s knowledge of the aviation sector and Frank Devaux’s proactive management poise Embassair of exceptional success. 


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