the flagship

Brainchild of the founders’ philosophy, Embassair GATE301 is changing the luxury travel industry with world-class FBO terminals that provides a luxurious, private, and safe experience from take-off to landing. 

Passengers are delighted by fast yet discreet custom controls and flawless concierge services within five-star facilities, where lounge areas, private rooms, workspaces, exhibitions and luxury boutiques are available. Private aviation professionals are impressed by the highest standards of safety and security guaranteed by highly innovative technologies. Terminal GATE301 blends Embassair’s values. Security, innovation and luxury are the DNA of this building.

  • Security
  • Luxury
  • Confidentiality
  • Innovation & technology
  • Services

Innovative Architecture

Conceived by Jacques Rougerie, a world-famous architect and member of the Académie des Beaux Arts de Paris, GATE301 is the most innovative terminal in the world and a true work of art.

Based on modernity and biomimicry, Mr. Rougerie signs landmark architectural projects, all strongly committed to sustainability. 

A marine enthousiast, Mr. Rougerie has completed numerous projects related to the sea : subaquatic museums, submersible laboratories and aquariums. Mr. Rougerie’s most famous project is the Sea Orbiter, an oceanographic research vessel, which condenses thirty years of study. 

Nature and modernity were Mr. Rougerie two sources of inspiration when conceiving Embassair GATE301. For instance, the architecture of the building mirrors the shape of a flying bee while featuring high technology processes, such as Smart Motion technology and performant facial recognition.  



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