Franklin DEVAUX

Co-Founder President of the Embassair Group International Supervisory Board

Franklin Devaux is a French businessman with expertise in the aeronautic and innovation sectors. As a pilot and aviation enthusiast, Mr. Devaux is passionate about aviation history and has written several books on aviation.         

Mr. Devaux founded Flying Legends, the aviation fair dedicated to vintage aircrafts. Additionally, he contributed to the launch of the Okavango Operation with Nicolas Hulot, a famous French environmental activist and politician.

A visionary, Mr. Devaux founded several companies that were ahead of their time, such as Axytel, a former pioneer in payment technologies, and Proteus Airlines, an airline purchased by Air France in 2001. Mr. Devaux also launched several pioneering projects such as the development of a secure cash transport system and the French social security card.

The idea of creating an FBO company specialized in luxury travels came from Mr. Devaux himself. Thanks to his network, the Embassair project came to life in 2016 and today is directed by his son, Frank Devaux.

Franklin Devaux is President of Embassair’s Supervisory Board. He resides in France and manages relationships with strategic committee members.

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