Co-founder and CEO of Embassair Group US

Frank Devaux has always been passionate about aviation and began his career in the aeronautic industry in 1992 as a professional pilot. At the same time, he was appointed Chairman of the Flying Legend Organisation, a French firm hosting aerial shows in Europe with the aim of promoting vintage aircrafts. Mr. Devaux was also the CEO of Proteus Airlines, where he oversaw the business aviation department. Following the sale of the airline to Air France in 2001, Mr. Devaux moved to Marrakech where he worked in real estate development.

After ten years in Morocco, Frank Devaux wanted to begin a project that combined his expertise in aviation and entrepreneurship with his passion for challenge. Mr. Devaux co-founded Embassair Group in 2016 with the mission of developing the luxury Fixed Base Operations (FBO) industry. He is responsible for setting up the Group’s development strategy in the US.

Mr. Devaux oversees the organization’s growth strategy and fundraising efforts as part of a joint venture with HOLNEST, the family office of the Aulas family. As CEO, Mr. Devaux also leads board member duties for Embassair Group International. Mr. Devaux’s proactive vision is a major asset in Embassair Group’s growth.

Mr. Frank Devaux leads Embassair Group US operations. He manages the development of the project and the Miami team.

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“Jacques Rougerie successfully imagined a building that represents our philosophy: a place gathering design, elegance and comfort and guaranteeing safety and confidentiality.  Our mission, after opening in Miami, is to set up this smart terminal vision in large American cities.”

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