Embassair Miami FBO is an ambassador of your own art de vivre

Embassair is an ambassador of the French art de vivre. Designed by Jacques Rougerie, a world-renowned French architect, this terminal, which looks like a bird in full flight, was designed as one of the most innovative and secure terminals in the world. The secret of travel is in the expectation! And it will never have been so short and pleasant. As French poet Baudelaire said “Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, luxe, calme et volupté”. It means: your next trip will be full of luxury, calmness and harmony.

Each Embassair terminal transforms when in contact with the local culture, because travel is above all a mix of worlds. You are here but already almost elsewhere.

Embassair Lounge

Everything you need to optimize your wait with high quality service and maximum comfort.

OPEN 7/7 7:00 AM - 11 PM

Hospitality Bar

A meticulous 24/7 selection of snacks, drinks in our bar.

OPEN 7/7 7:00 AM - 11 PM