About Embassair

EMBASSAIR's vision is to offer a very high-end service for a general aviation clientele in demand of security, confidentiality and excellence. Miami Opa-Locka OPF is the first FBO built and operated by EMBASSAIR.

EMBASSAIR FBOis a conceptual project led by a group of European investors, from the commercial aviation, luxury, football and high-tech sectors, driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. This is how under the direction of Frank DEVAUX, sharing and sublimating the vision of his father Franklin, Michel REYBIER (La Reserve, Domaine le Cos d'Estournel, Mama Shelter, clinics), Jean-Michel and Alexandre AULAS (HOLNEST- Olympic lyonnais football club) joined the adventure and the European partnership.

For the US first FBO, Aeroport de Paris (ADP group) decided to share its savoir-faire and supported Embassair for this construction and operations. Embassair and partners wish to develop the concept in the USA and in the rest of the world when general aviation and luxury jet transportation are still growing.